Offshore Company Registration

In the borderless world, businesses are expanding themselves in order to create a global presence. In order to do so, they need to target multiple jurisdictions. Merchants and clients are no longer bound to their respective countries and they look for more options that suit their needs. we are living in a borderless world where we can’t afford to miss the rise of offshore companies. Every Merchant wants to minimise their corporate tax and grow their prosperity.

Open Your Company In Offshore Country?

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What is an Offshore Company?

We can assume that all of us heard the term OFFSHORE COMPANY at least once now. We will help you to understand what it means. in layman’s terms, an offshore company is a company that is incorporated in offshore countries which means it would not affect the incorporation whether you are a citizen of that particular country. In order to save corporate taxes and flexibility to operate in any jurisdiction, this would the actual reason merchants want an offshore location for incorporation.

Most casino and forex companies are incorporated in offshore jurisdictions such as Malta, Cyprus, curacao and so on. The funny thing between an offshore company and a regular company is, in offshore incorporation, they are not allowed to conduct their business or sell their services to the citizen of the offshore country where the merchant has incorporated the company.

How to select which country is best for your business

  1. To begin with you should check their legal aspects and is it favourable for your business or not. One should know what kind of businesses is allowed in that country and what are their compliance guidelines.
  2. Further, you should always be aware of the fact that there might be limitations with certain countries due to compliance guidelines and political views.
  3. In addition to that, taxation is one vital part of this region. what kind of corporate taxes do you have to pay in order to incorporate a company and how much tax do you have to pay on your yearly income?
  4. One should always be aware of the commitment they have made in an offshore jurisdiction. What kind of financial statement you have to submit and does is mandatory to get audited every year? Do you need to disclose the beneficial owners as well?

Benefits of having an Offshore Company:

  1. Capital Protection
  2. Monetary Benefits
  3. Licensing Benefits
  4. Business Expansions

At Payments Clarity, we understand that every business has different needs. all offshore jurisdiction has their own pros and cons. Based on this factor, our business manager will guide you and help you to register an offshore company. Do get in touch with us to discuss more how we can be a part of your global expansion.

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